Shepparton on the march

January 30, 2018

A more optimistic attitude in the way Greater Shepparton spruiks itself may be doing the city favours with other tiers of government.

A new council executive with an investment background says where the city may once have been preoccupied about not getting its fair share, those concerns had been replaced by a newfound pride in the region and its produce.

Greater Shepparton City Council’s incoming sustainable development director Geraldine Christou believes the city is on the march, and cited the amount of construction in Shepparton’s CBD.

‘‘I love we’re undergoing so much growth at the moment, there’s so much to be proud of,’’ Ms Christou said.

‘‘We seem to be getting traction.’’

Ms Christou attributes recent momentum to a renewed appreciation of what sits on the city’s doorstep.

‘‘I think five years ago, we were very focused on what we were missing out on. The challenges ... rather than looking at opportunities and the great things that are happening here,’’ she said.

The newest member of council’s executive team said businesses in the region had been prosperous across generations, and cited efforts to better market these within the area and externally.

‘‘We’ve got a state-of-the-art irrigation system ... We grow 20 per cent of Victoria’s food here,’’ Ms Christou said.

‘‘I think we’ve actually recognised how much actually happens here, how much we do have to be proud of.’’

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