Man off on a drive to heal

January 26, 2018

Michael Del Monaco and Maitri Housiaux pictured with their van.

Michael Del Monaco is a man on a mission.

The Marraweeney man is using his van to educate the community on the history of our country.

Mr Del Monaco said the concept arose after learning about the experiences of Aboriginal people before settlement.

‘‘The idea is to remind the community that Australia’s first people were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,’’ he said.

‘‘We should go out and remember them.’’

Mr Del Monaco has three flags displayed on his van, a Torres Strait Islander flag and two others he designed himself.

These flags feature the traditional black and red colours of the Aboriginal flag, with a yellow map of Australia in the middle.

Featuring the words ‘‘no room for racism’’ and ‘‘healing spirit’’, Mr Del Monaco believed these flags were a way to communicate his message and lift people’s spirits in the process.

Mr Del Monaco and his partner Maitri Housiaux will travel in their van down to Melbourne for Australia Day, spending the day at Share the Spirit at Treasury Gardens.

‘‘I am hoping to spread love and show people that there is no room for racism in this country,’’ he said.

‘‘It is all about getting to know history and embracing everyone for who they are.’’

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