Yule contamination low

January 11, 2018

Domestic quantities of excess rubbish from the festive season were accepted for free at council's resource recovery centres in an effort to reduce green bin contamination.

Council has welcomed a downward trend of contamination in the organics initiative.

The City of Greater Shepparton appears to have weathered the treacherous, wastage-heavy Christmas period with a merry, low level of contamination in its green bins.

In previous years, warnings have circulated about the potential for contamination via food waste and packaging during the holidays.

This holiday season, however, saw residents gifting Greater Shepparton City Council with a steady 2.4 per cent December contamination rate.

It also marks the eighth time in three years the council has achieved its three per cent contamination target.

But it is also the fifth time it has met the goal during the past eight months.

The holiday period is typically the subject of warnings from the council to be diligent in separating waste into different bins.

In the past two Januarys contamination rates had been 9.6 per cent and 5.4 per cent, while the previous two Decembers delivered four per cent and 4.7 per cent contamination in green bins.

Prior to Christmas, the council had called on all leftovers to be placed in green bins.

‘‘Dumping food and garden waste in landfill is a waste of available space and loss of a useful resource which could be used to enrich our soils and help to grow healthy crops and pastures that produce food for everyone,’’ city engineer Phil Hoare had said.

Domestic quantities of excess rubbish from the festive season — cardboard, wrapping paper, polystyrene and household recyclable items — was being accepted for free at the council’s resource recovery centres.

The council had previously said efforts would move from making sure the right waste was disposed in the right bin, to making sure no valuable organics were being lost to the red or yellow lid bins, with the hope of maximising organics diverted from landfill.

While levels have yo-yoed across the past three years, the council has welcomed a downward trend of contamination in the organics initiative, designed to divert thousands of tonnes of green waste from landfill annually.

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