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January 10, 2018

Sue Greenwood of Kelly Brothers electrical appliance store tried out the latest video camera available, the National 3200, with microphone and portable power pack.

September 16, 1981

Video recorders, cameras and games are the latest craze in the electronic gadget world.

In fact, so many video units are being sold, retailers are finding it hard keeping pace with the demand.

Video cameras are an item of the electronics boom that are becoming hard to find.

But one long-established High St appliance dealer has a wide range of National video cameras available.

Kelly Brothers electrical appliance store can sell you just about anything to do with televisions and video equipment.

From spare batteries for the video cameras to new cassettes for your home recording unit, a wide range is available.

Three camera sizes are available as well as the portable power packs for each.

And as technology grows, the size of the equipment is getting smaller.

A new power pack is available which is about half the size of the older models.

Some that connect to your car cigarette lighter are also available.

On your next holiday you can take the home movie video outfit, recharge the camera batteries while you drive, and film all day.

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