Help pets beat heat

January 09, 2018

Pets such as dogs need shade and water just as much as their owners during extremely hot weather.

Shepparton vets advise shade and plenty of water should be provided to your four-legged friends during the ongoing heat spell.

Shepparton Veterinary Clinic’s Dr Richard Cameron said while it was largely business as usual at the weekend, it was typically older dogs, larger and heavier breeds and those with heart issues that seemed to be more predisposed to heat stress.

Symptoms can be more pronounced in some animals, including livestock, with a reluctance to eat and drink an obvious sign something might be wrong.

Lots of water, shade, a cool environment and even a makeshift backyard pool could make a big difference for a pet trying to keep cool.

‘‘If the animal is outside, make sure they’ve got lots of shade,’’ Dr Cameron said.

‘‘And a place where there is air movement, some sort of cooling effect.

‘‘Avoid putting them into closed-off areas.’’

He said dog-walking should be done in the morning or after sunset.

Dr Cameron said pet owners should be vigilant and respond accordingly any time an animal looked to be struggling.

‘‘It’s really a question of forward planning and keeping an eye on it ... just being on the ball,’’ he said.

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