Spiritual activity

January 08, 2018

Meditation: Charles Lawlor, Diana Padron, Jo Grapentin, Doris King, Jenni Coldwell, Denise Rose, Fran Smullen, Emma Hofmeyer, Leonie Harris, Madonna Logue and Dr Lisa Shortridge start the day off with a Labyrinth Walk.

New year: Fran Smullen inside the labyrinth.

Connection: Diana Padron finds her spirituality.

Morning activity: Emma Hofmeyer walks around the labyrinth.

Calming: Doris King follows the labyrinth at Ferrari Park.

Zen: Dr Lisa Shortridge connects with nature in the labyrinth.

Outdoors: Jo Grapentin (in focus) meditates.

Close to 15 people enjoyed a relaxing and spiritual morning in Mooroopna at Ferrari Park’s public labyrinth yesterday.

The Labyrinth Walk was part of council’s Activities in the Park program and was guided by Lisa Shortridge, who said the day was about starting the new year on a positive note.

‘‘The labyrinth is walking meditation, the ancient structure has an energy and helps people come to stillness,’’ Dr Shortridge said.

‘‘It’s lovely place to come and relax from our busy lives.’’

One of the participants, Diana Padron, said the labyrinth brought a connection to nature and while there she thought of her native Venezuela.

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