Discovering vital part Australian plants play

January 06, 2018

A number of youngsters were in bushland between Shepparton and Mooroopna yesterday, learning about the super-powers of Australian plants.

Parks Victoria led the Flora Explorer walk, helping teach those interested about how plants have developed to survive and the vital part they play in the food chain.

‘‘We went under the (Peter Ross-Edwards Causeway) bridge and were looking at the river red gum forest and what plants we could find,’’ engagement officer Emma Banting said.

Parks Victoria is running a Junior Ranger program throughout the school holiday period and hopes to engage with the community about our parks.

‘‘It gives the kids an opportunity to learn about what’s right there on their doorstep, touching wattle pods and asking what this is and what it feels like,’’ Ms Banting said.

‘‘It’s an opportunity to learn with their eyes, ears and hands and to see something away from everyday life.’’

Ms Banting said two youngsters managed to spot a cicada shell which would once have contained a cicada that had since morphed and grown wings.

Any youngsters interested in joining more walks throughout the school holidays can visit

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