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December 18, 2017

Discussing: Cameron Lancaster talks to Nathalia Library's Donna Hicks about his recent book.

Picola farmer Cameron Lancaster always had an interest in family history and recently launched his book When our little bit is done: Nathalia at home and abroad during World War One.

Interestingly, the book started off as a play and then across three years progressed into a book that follows the lives of 16 WWI soldiers who lived or had a connection to Nathalia.

‘‘I had all this research I’d done and thought it would be great to put it all together,’’ Mr Lancaster said.

‘‘I haven’t attempted to write a war book as such, but what really struck me was how the war was a total community effort.’’

Mr Lancaster spent three years negotiating loungeroom space with his wife, so he could spread out his research papers and said he was pleased with the final book.

‘‘It’s way more than I expected,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve had really good feedback from people who have started reading it.

‘‘It’s more than just a whole lot of information.’’

When our little bit is done: Nathalia at home and abroad during World War One was launched to a crowd of people at the Nathalia Library and sold out quickly upon its release.

Nathalia Library co-ordinator Donna Hicks interviewed Mr Lancaster during this time and described the book as not only a factual account, but an engaging read.

‘‘Chapters are dedicated to the war service of women from the area and of enlisted men from Cummeragunja,’’ Ms Hicks said.

‘‘A strong correlation is drawn throughout the book between the fighting man and the mindset and determination of teams of Aussie rules footballers of any generation.

‘‘A great book relevant to any area who sent there sons to the other side of the world.’’

Mr Lancaster said although the book was a historical account of Nathalia and district, many other people were sure to relate to it.

‘‘Every local community would have gone through similar things to what I talked about in the book,’’ she said.

Mr Lancaster said he was thankful to Philippa Schapper and the Nathalia and District Historical Society for their ongoing support in helping him create the book.

When our little bit is done: Nathalia at home and abroad during World War One sold out soon after its launch, but more copies have been ordered.

People can register their interest at by emailing Cameron Lancaster at [email protected] or putting their name down with the Nathalia Post Office.

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