GALLERY: The 1974 Floods

December 08, 2017

The means of travel in Mooroopna and Shepparton was mainly by boat. This man and his son were pictured near the housing commission area in Mooroopna.

Ironically the Goulburn Valley Swim School in Wyndham St. was surrounded by flood waters.

Hundred of people at Echuca spent the day filling sandbags yesterday. The crisis point of floodwaters was expected in the area the following day.

Policewomen Joy Murphy (left) and Christine McIntyre of the support group Russell St. joined local police in answering hundreds of inquiries coming into the Shepparton police station. Senior Sergeant C. Side is in the background.

The power station at Mooroopna was flooded for a number of days.

A large number of pigs were drowned at the Ibis piggery due to the extensive flooding of the Goulburn River.

Taylor's Estate photographed from the Kialla area.

Hundreds of volunteers worked throughout the night and were still filling sandbags at 11:30am the following day, when this picture was taken, in an effort to save Mooroopna Hospital from the rapidly rising flood waters.

Following last weekend's wild weather and flooding throughout the Goulburn Valley, the Country News has thrownback to another much talked about flood event - the May 1974 floods.

Hundreds turned out to fill sandbags, as the community worked together the protect local hospitals, homes and businesses as the Goulburn River flooded towns around the GV including Mooroopna and Shepparton.

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