Give praise where it’s due

December 08, 2017

Meningococcal survivor Trudy Smith returned to Goulburn Valley Health last week to thank doctors Alex Roman and JC Kruger for saving her life.

Doctors and nurses at Goulburn Valley Health do amazing work — every single day.

They are saving the lives of our loved ones on a regular basis, while working double shifts and caring for their own families.

Criticism is handed out on a daily basis and our local hospital has copped more than its fair share during its time — whether it be people writing on social media or a Shepparton resident airing their frustrations in the Letters to the Editor section of The News.

They missed this, they missed that, they did this, they did that — people complain.

Often understaffed, dealing with drug-affected patients or unruly family members, doctors and nurses alike cop it.

While it is easy to criticise, it is important to applaud and commend excellent work when it happens.

Their efforts were summed up perfectly in The News on Wednesday by local resident Trudy Smith, who said, ‘‘I’ve only got a story to tell because of these doctors’’.

Mrs Smith’s life was in danger after a meningococcal diagnosis, but thanks to the good work of doctors Alex Roman and JC Kruger, she is alive.

Both humble, they refused to take credit; they called their lifesaving work ‘‘a combined effort’’ and said ‘‘seeing Trudy alive and well is more than enough thanks’’.

As a media organisation it is our job to report on the good and the bad; we will keep telling both sides of the story but one thing is for certain.

These medical professionals are doing the best job they can with the limited resources they have.

As the major redevelopment continues at Goulburn Valley Health in the coming months and years, the increased services and capacity will make a huge difference.

Hopefully this will ease the pressure and burden on the current emergency staff and allow them to become even more elite.

When we no longer have to fly critically ill patients to the Royal Melbourne or The Alfred hospitals in life-threatening situations, then we will know we have truly won.

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