Fun with quirky instruments

December 08, 2017

Students Rhys Cooverty, Ashton Stack and Olivia McKenzie play the drums.

Singers Olivia McKenzie, Georgia Conline and Angelina Mason.

Brianna Orr, Angelina Mason and Joseph Sutcliffe play the musical bikes.

Musical inventor Jon Madin.

Junior music students learn a unique tune on the echo-cellos.

Music maverick Jon Madin was at McGuire Secondary College this week, where musical students had a go at the weird and whacky instruments on offer.

Led by Mr Madin, students built unique instruments constructed out of cardboard tubes, plastic pipes and bits of wood, before they learnt how to play tunes on them.

Mr Madin uses PVC piping, old exercise bikes, metal tubes and recycled wood to create instruments such as the one-stringed echo-cello, the peddle-powered xylophone and the ding-boxes.

Funded by McGuire and Fairley Leadership, music teacher Danielle Ryan said Mr Madin was visiting the school for a three-day workshop.

Ms Ryan said it had been inspiring to have such a unique experience run by an iconic inventor visiting the school.

‘‘It’s fantastic to have him here because he is so creative, you can see what he’s doing and how instruments are made,’’ she said.

‘‘It makes students think about how music works and to really challenge them about what they think they know about music.’’

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