Plenty of action on wicket

December 07, 2017

Shepparton English Language Centre student Bella MD Saidi enjoys the chance to bat during a friendly cricket match at Shepparton’s Victory Park.

Elizabeth Awan.

Gul Jafari.

Fatima Nakhou.

Najwa Faizal.

Ryan Sidebottom, Asad Beetsaidi, Essa Jafari, Aakash Jayandibata, Firdaus Faizal Brett Forsyth and Sam Atukorala.

Ravia Batool, Fatima Nakhou and Shokria Ahmadi.

Shokria Ahmadi.

Ravia Batool.

Timothy Gomey.

Qudrat Faizi.

Shepparton English Language Centre representatives.

Cricket may be a gentleman’s game, but more than one young lady was keen to step up and bowl during a friendly match yesterday.

Students from the Shepparton English Language Centre got the chance to participate in a cricket match at Victory Park thanks to the Shepparton Ethnic Council.

The Shepparton match had students face off against Shepparton police members and also meet former Victorian fast bowler Ryan Sidebottom and Brett Forsyth from the Australian Cricket Association.

Shepparton Ethnic Council project co-ordinator Sam Atukorala said the clinic was an opportunity for children to play one of Australia’s favourite sports and build a sense of belonging and community spirit.

The clinic ran for about an hour with many students keen to try their hand at the game even if they had never played it before.

For Shepparton English Language Centre students Sayed Mehdi, 16, and Qudratullah Faizi, 15, the chance to show off their cricket skills was a great opportunity.

Both had played cricket in Pakistan before migrating to Australia and were recently chosen to play for the Pine Lodge Cricket Club.

Qudratullah said during the clinic he and Sayed were happy to help out anyone who did not know a lot about cricket.

Sidebottom and Forsyth also enjoyed the chance to show off some of their cricket skills.

‘‘It’s fantastic to see all the kids out here with a smile on their face and giving it all a go,’’ Sidebottom said.

‘‘A lot of the kids have never played cricket before, so it is fantastic to see them out here giving it a red-hot go.’’

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