St Anne’s has fluidity about it

December 06, 2017

Annette Jakob, Dom Poppa, Tom Sexton, Lachlan Cale and Dr Ken Woodman check out progress on St Anne's Catholic College.

St Anne’s Catholic College will open in 2019 with Prep and Year 7 students.

Interested community members had their first look and insight into Shepparton’s newest school St Anne’s Catholic College at a public meeting on Thursday.

Principal Dom Poppa and architect Ken Woodman spoke about the structure taking shape and the school’s plan to use a inquiry-based learning pedagogy.

‘‘The core of this learning model is that children wonder and are inquisitive by nature and we want to nurture that,’’ Mr Poppa said.

He said there were plans to register the school with the International Baccalaureate program.

Dr Woodman, who has a PhD in educational design, said the approach he had taken with St Anne’s was to make many different spaces to support teachers and link with the school’s learning philosophy.

‘‘It provides every student a place to find the space to support them,’’ Dr Woodman said.

Dr Woodman said there was a fluidity to the building — visually people can see across and through to the other side.

The outer shape of the building is influenced by the imagery of a long-necked turtle and that symbolism is also used on features of the inside of the building such as a stage in the shape of a turtle shell.

Moretto Building site supervisor Lachlan Cale said the build was ahead of schedule and people would see cladding go up next month.

‘‘Once the cladding goes up, it will all be happening on the inside,’’ he said.

The college will accommodate about 1400 students and will be made up of junior, middle and senior neighbourhoods, along with specialised areas, administration area and a chapel.

The school will open in 2019 with Prep and Year 7 students.

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