No Welsh-ing on this one

December 06, 2017

Radio personality Jason Welsh was all smiles after he notched his first hole-in-one on Tuesday last week at Shepparton Golf Club.

You would be familiar with his voice across the airwaves, but on a Tuesday and Saturday you can witness Jason Welsh strutting around the fairways at Shepparton Golf Club.

And last Tuesday, for the first time after 11 years of trying, Welsh hit his first hole-in-one on the 17th hole.

‘‘Once I found out it went in it was an incredible feeling,’’ Welsh, 39, said.

‘‘It’s a money-can’t-buy experience, I have gotten close before, even within centimetres and millimetres, but it never went in until last Tuesday.’’

Teeing off on the 17th, Welsh was forced to deal with the heat and a slight breeze, but even when the One FM managing director struck the ball, naturally, he did not think it would be going in.

‘‘I hit it during a par round, so my opponent and I got in the buggy and I initially went to check the bunker and my opponent was adamant it was a hole-in-one and he ran up to the hole and pulled the ball out,’’ Welsh said.

‘‘Once I saw it, there was a bit of chest bump and fist bump between us, it was an amazing feeling.’’

About seven years ago Welsh hit an albatross, two shots on a par-5, during practice, but no-one was around to witness the achievement.

‘‘I was devastated back then, no-one saw it, but now I feel it is a case of justice for the albatross,’’ Welsh said with a beaming smile.

After more than a decade of improving his stroke play, Welsh gave a plethora of reasons why golf keeps bringing him back, but it was the connection with nature that had Welsh fixated on the game.

‘‘It is the connection with your surroundings, the environment, it is also a totally unique sport that is reliant on yourself,’’ Welsh said.

‘‘Wherever you go in Australia or around the world there are some beautiful cut out landscapes to hit this little white ball into a hole.’’

Welsh, a ‘‘socially connected man’’, was bombarded with text messages and phone calls once news spread the football commentator had hit a hole-in-one.

‘‘It’s funny, Shepparton is a relatively small town, so the word does get around,’’ Welsh said.

‘‘I got a fair few texts, mates were bickering me and even a few said ‘how could a bloke that ugly get a hole-in-one’.’’

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