Long road to repair

December 04, 2017

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews visited Euroa and thanked emergency services for their work. Mr Andrews observed that much of the damage in Euroa would take several months to repair.

‘‘This has been a significant event, luckily not as significant as we thought it would be,’’ he said.

‘‘But it’s a credit to the planning and corporation of the Victorian community and a credit to the commitment and dedication of our emergency services that we were able to say we were very well prepared.’’

Mr Andrews said the Victorian Government would provide support to those who had to leave their home.

‘‘Then there’s some other grants for those who are out of their home and have significant damage to their principal place of residence,’’ he said.

‘‘Then there will be a number of business grants that will be provided as well and then, of course, we’ll always try to look on a case by case basis to be as fair and as generous as we can be.’’

Mr Andrews said he had asked owners of the Euroa Caravan and Cabin Park, who ended up with their eight-month business significantly underwater, to put their details down and make contact with his office and they would see what they could do.

‘‘This is a unique set of circumstances, they can’t get insurance and won’t have any income and will have significant bills they will have to pay to get the park up and running,’’ he said.

‘‘That isn’t just bad news for them . . . but it’s bad news for the town given that there’s normally a caravan park that’s full with people spending, investing and having a good time and helping the economy in Euroa tick over in its busiest period.’’

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