No, it wasn't a dream

December 04, 2017

Tristan Rozema examines his flooded front yard.

When Euroa’s Tristan Rozema woke-up on Saturday morning, he was greeted to the sound of water lapping against his home. Mr Rozema was in the process of moving house and had many items packed up behind the property, such as his lawn mower and coffee table.

Sadly, these items are a bit worse for wear thanks to the storm and when the News spoke to Mr Rozema, he was busy examining the damage around the home he rents. He said when he walked down the steps of his home, the water reached up to his waist and he quickly noticed his car was half underwater.

Fortunately, he was able to move his car and said the water did not make it into his home, so nothing indoors was damaged. Despite this, Mr Rozema has to deal with two properties that came close to flooding.

He recently bought a new home and was looking forward to moving in until he heard it was close to flooding. Knowing other people would also be dealing with the aftermath of the storm, Mr Rozema called his friend, Luke Butterfield, who lives around the corner to check he was okay.

Mr Butterfield said the storm was a bit of a surprise and he had not seen anything like it since about 1993 when he was a child. But Mr Butterfield said he was not too concerned about the storm when he heard about it.

“I’ve got some pretty good drainage through my backyard, so I thought I should be all right,” he said.

“But my whole street was flooded.”

Mr Butterfield’s home was built slightly above ground, so luckily no water made it inside and there was no damage. As for Mr Rozema, he said it was fortunate the storm drain in front of his home was cleaned on Saturday after the storm so the water could go down.

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