Used to flood scares

December 04, 2017

Bill Cantlin likes to keep an eye on flood water levels.

Euroa’s Bill Cantlin has lived in the town his entire life and knows only too well it can be prone to flooding. In 1993, when storms swept through the Goulburn Valley, Mr Cantlin placed some nails into a tree stump next to Seven Creeks so he could watch the rising fl ood water.

These nails have stayed firmly in place for more than 20 years and on Saturday Mr Cantlin was outside examining them. He said the water managed to get quite high, but he was not too concerned about the weather.

“It hasn’t really worried me much because I’m sort of used to it,” he said. “Sometimes it can get a bit scary, we can hear logs going down (the creek) crushing, but at the moment that hasn’t been happening.”

Although Mr Cantlin lives close to Seven Creeks, he has never been flooded. “It’s been close, it’s been on the lawn,” he said.

“What we did was we had a cypress hedge there for years and took it out and then built it up a bit ourselves just for that reason, so it’s pretty safe. “I’m not worried, this is a very high point of the town.”

Mr Cantlin has a second property in Euroa about 5.6 ha and he said it went underwater during the recent flood. He said if there was any more rain, it could have serious ramifications for the town, but he was not panicking about the situation.

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