It’s a mo go

December 01, 2017

Shepparton Fire Brigade member Pete Dedman shaved off his moustache last night to mark the end of Movember.

Chris Bethel and his peers lost their Movember moustaches last night to mark the end of the 2017 men's health fundraiser and awareness campaign.

Shepparton Fire Brigade said farewell to their magnificent mos last night as they welcomed the end of Movember.

A total of 19 staff and volunteers grew moustaches to support men’s health and managed to raise more than $5000.

Shepparton Fire Brigade leading firefighter Chris Bethell said across the past five years they had raised $10000 together.

‘‘We have a bit of fun with it,’’ Me Bethell said.

‘‘People have got behind us and been really supportive.’’

Mr Bethell said men’s health was an important topic that needed to be discussed and they were more than happy to get behind the cause.

‘‘We have a couple of colleagues who have suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder,’’ he said.

Then there have been other colleagues diagnosed with cancer.

Mr Bethell said staff and volunteer firefighters used to only participate in Movember once every two years, but it became so popular they decided to make it a yearly event.

Mr Bethell even devised his own way of encouraging people to donate by dressing up like famous people with facial hair like Colonel Sanders and posting the image on social media.

He said many of them had been quite keen to ditch the mo, despite the enjoyment of getting behind an excellent cause.

‘‘I think we’re all pretty keen to get rid of it,’’ he said.

To donate to the Shepparton CFA Movember team, go to

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