‘Best thing since sliced bread’

December 01, 2017

Picola resident Lyn Power (centre) is happy with her experience of the NBN and said it was now a waiting game for issues to be solved.


Picola resident Lyn Power thinks the national broadband network is outstanding, after the service quite literally brought her family’s connection forward a decade.

Before having the service installed one year ago, Ms Power relied upon a dial-up satellite and had her mobile phone acting as a hot-spot in the front window of the house, the only location where reception could be found.

Aside from mobile phone service, which she said was never a guarantee in Picola, the NBN has brought minimal problems for the family, which is able to stream Netflix and download movies.

‘‘Before the NBN came along there was nothing out here, there was dial-up through the line and we couldn’t even get broadband,’’ she said.

‘‘The towers now are probably less than 100m away, there’s a clean line and I think it’s honestly the best thing since sliced bread, because we’ve never had internet service like this before.’’

Ms Power is provided with the service through Activ8 Me, operating on a Sky Muster satellite that allows those in rural or remote areas to connect.

Positivity towards the service aside, Ms Power believed she had received a better connection than others she had spoken to, although she has had minimal issues with mobile phone service.

She said she had more knowledge on what the NBN could realistically achieve, having known someone who worked as a technician in the industry.

‘‘They’ve been given a set time to have it all up and running and they’re going flat out to get it up by that time, so once that’s done, I’m sure they will go back and iron out the problems,’’ Ms Power said.

‘‘The way it is at the moment, there’s too many people trying to access the service when it’s only new. I think it will be good, but until everything has been sorted out, people will have to wait out this period.

‘‘I think other people have had a better service in the past and that’s why they’re complaining, but it has honestly been an improvement for us.’’

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