Doctor says technology addictive

November 30, 2017

A Shepparton paediatrician has called new Federal Government movement guidelines released last week as ‘‘government rhetoric about what is incredibly obvious’’.

Last week, Health Minister Greg Hunt released guidelines to help parents and carers create health daily practices for babies and young children.

The guidelines recommend no sedentary screen time for children under two and no more than one hour for those older than two — of which, should be educational.

Dr Peter Eastaugh does not believe it will make any difference.

‘‘We know that blue light admitted from tablets has an impact on neurological patterns,’’ he said.

‘‘We knew this years ago, we’ve allowed it to happen and we are feeding kids this rubbish ... we know that.’’

The 24-hour movement guidelines have been developed by experts across Australia in partnership with Canadian experts, which developed the world’s first-ever guidelines.

Guidelines also recommend within a 24-hour period, babies get between 12 and 17 hours of sleep, toddlers 11 to 14 hours and pre-schoolers 10 to 13 hours.

‘‘We have created a population of children who are addicts and are addicted to technology,’’ Dr Eastaugh said.

‘‘It’s as addictive as ice, it’s addictive as any drug as far as children are concerned.

‘‘Why do parents continue to put their kids in front of this material?’’

Dr Eastaugh said parents should be concerned and urged them to closely control their children’s use of technology.

‘‘The escalation and diagnoses of autism are parallel ... many of the kids who are autistic are fixated and addicted to technology and it should be controlled,’’ he said.

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