Mayoral poll tonight

November 14, 2017

City of Greater Shepparton Council will elect its mayor for the next year tonight.

Tonight’s Greater Shepparton mayoral election could deliver a tight finish or a non event.

Some councillors have said anything could happen, others are torn on who to support.

It appears much depends on councillor discussions today ahead of tonight’s vote for who will be the city’s mayor for at least the next 12 months.

With just one candidate confirmed and most councillors yet to declare support, it is yet unclear what will transpire.

While Deputy Mayor Kim O’Keeffe threw her hat in the ring for the top job weeks ago, Mayor Dinny Adem remained an unconfirmed runner late yesterday.

‘‘Nothing’s changed,’’ he said yesterday.

He reiterated his position that, while he was happy to stand, and believes he is the right mayor for the next 12 months, much depended on competition and discussions.

He was yet to have made up his mind one way or another, instead said the decision was ‘‘in the hands of councillors’’.

Another councillor Les Oroszvary has weighed in.

While yet to confirm support one way or another, he see strong merits of both..

Cr Oroszvary said whatever happened, he believed mayoral terms should remain one year at a time.

‘‘I suppose the issue is you go with the person who is in the chair, who I see as doing a good job ... or the person who won the election and is in some sense entitled, because of the will of the people.’’

He can see some enormous merit in relation to both sides, but he was ‘‘torn’’ on his position.

‘‘At end of day, it comes down to the numbers.’’

‘‘It will be interesting to see ... it may be a case where we don’t know who’s going to run until we get to the door so to speak.’’

Cr Shelley Sutton remained undecided yesterday and was waiting on whether the Mayor was standing or not before making a decision.

She would come to a firm decision today sometime after talking to both key contenders.

Cr O’Keeffe has previously argued it was time for a change, arguing for council leadership where everyone was brought along for the ride.

Cr Adem has argued strong connections with other tiers of government remained vital heading into next year.

Cr Patterson believes Cr O’Keeffe deserves a chance as mayor, while Cr Bruce Giovanetti said Cr Adem was the stronger strategic choice for the next year.

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