Your say over the Manus Island deadlock

November 14, 2017

Taylah Burrows.

Isabella Pellegrino.

Lynette Hayes.

Rachal Van Veen.

Isabella Pellegrino.

Isabella Pellegrino

How can you take someone in and then desert them after a period of time? Obviously they’ve come illegally but that doesn’t mean you can treat them like rubbish.

Taylah Burrows

I think it’s pathetic of the Federal Government to leave these people stranded. They’re our responsibility and I think that we should really step up and take them on board because everyone has a right to food and water and shelter.

Lynette Hayes

The government doesn’t know if they are refugees, they don’t know if they’ve burnt papers to deliberately get into Australia. The government may make mistakes, it always does, but we’ve just got to trust in our government and trust in our borders.

Rachal Van Veen

I think we have the resources to look after these people. We have food we throw out, we have plenty of resources to help these people, the whole world does.

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