First impression counts

November 13, 2017

WInner winner, chicken dinner: Challenge Shepparton sprint team winners Jack O'Mahony, Samuel Eddy, Hayley Hogan and 'supercoach' Marcus Cook.

They met for the first time yesterday, but Jack O’Mahony, 17, Samuel Eddy, 16, and Hayley Hogan, 19, would have been the favourites heading into Challenge Shepparton’s sprint team event.

Under the guidance of self-pronounced ‘‘super coach’’ Marcus Cook, the talented sporting trio were brought together for one purpose — to win.

‘‘I wanted to get the three best juniors I knew in the area together for the race,’’ he said.

The pep talk ahead of the event was well rehearsed.

‘‘Just go as fast as you bloody can,’’ Cook said.

‘‘A ship in a harbour is safe, but this is not what a ship is built for.’’

Shepparton Swimming Club member Hogan has competed in the Australian Championships seven times for her age group.

Echuca-moama cyclist Eddy is a member of the Regional Academy for Cycling Excellence and O’Mahony is a Shepparton Running Club member who runs an 18-minute 5 km.

‘‘I might have to enter them in the Echuca triathlon in January based on this form,’’ Cook said.

The trio were happy to compete after Cook touched base, just three weeks ahead of the event as they ‘‘had nothing better to do on a Sunday’’.

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