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November 10, 2017

Rabab Alhilfi enjoys being at school.

Abrar Zaid listens to the teacher read a story.

Year 1 student Wajiha Mohammad helps younger brother Hamad Mohammad with one of the activities.

Zac Matthey is comforted by his dad, David Matthey.

Fatima Almusawi.

Bahareh Heidari.

Vincent Whitehead.

Ahmed Alhiffi.

Happy: Ahmed Alhiffi.

Teacher, Jenny Nightingale speaks about the children's transition session. 

There was a lot of nervous chatter as kindergarten children gathered at the feet of a teacher to listen to a story about a brown bear.

About 40 kindergarten children from across Greater Shepparton came together at St George’s Rd Primary School for their first transition session on Thursday.

Teacher Jenny Nightingale said it was great to see so many children ready to discover what school would be like.

‘‘They hear about school from older siblings, from cousins, from kindergarten teachers, but it’s an unknown, so it’s really important for them to have an image in their head before they come here of the physical surrounds and also the small routines that make up the big day of school,’’ Ms Nightingale said.

‘‘Small routines make for happy, comfortable children and happy comfortable children will learn quicker.’’

Children spent an hour and a half at St George’s Rd Primary School where they were read to and then participated in a craft activity.

Children also got to see the multimedia room where they learned about the school computers.

Ms Nightingale said the good thing about the transition sessions were they kept children occupied.

‘‘I think they’re very busy at each transition session and they haven’t got time to be worrying about, ‘is mum here? Is she close by?’,’’ she said.

‘‘Our aim is to get the kids fully engaged from the first minute they come into the classroom.’’

Transition sessions at St George’s Rd Primary School will now be held once a week for the next three weeks to prepare children for school next year.

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