Creative storytelling concept for local author’s second novel

November 08, 2017

Author Kathryn D'Elia has written her second book, The Way She Came to Be.

Shepparton’s Kathryn D’Elia developed an interest in writing when she had to develop a book excerpt while studying her masters in literacy.

The Goulburn Valley Grammar teacher soon had the book bug and published her first novel, Tas-Whacked, in May last year.

But she was not completely thrilled with the end result.

‘‘I kind of found overall that it was okay, but I wasn’t that happy with it,’’ she said.

Fortunately, Ms D’Elia came up with another idea for a book and has recently published The Way She Came to Be.

This story starts in September when protagonist Chelsea Harten gives birth to a baby girl named Katalina.

From there, the story unwinds backwards to reveal the back story of how Katalina was conceived.

Ms D’Elia’s idea for shaping the book like this came about after reading a thriller told backwards.

Although The Way She Came to Be is not a thriller, Kathryn found this storytelling concept interesting and decided to use it.

What transpired was a narrative which blended elements of comedy, romance and mystery.

Ms D’Elia had many ideas floating around in her head for a book and initially found it difficult to find one idea and stick to it.

‘‘I tossed up with this idea of the story going backwards and it maybe being a question mark over the child’s paternity, but I kept changing my mind about what I actually wanted to do,’’ she said.

‘‘But once I actually went, ‘no, no, this is the idea I’m going to go with,’ it probably only took about six weeks to actually write.’’

For Ms D’Elia, the process of writing a book starts with a skeleton she builds on.

‘‘I sort of do it each night and I found once I’d start I’d get so absorbed in it that I’d write for a couple of hours and it felt like just a few minutes had gone by,’’ she said.

‘‘It took ages to say I’m going to make a start but once I made a start it just happened really quick.’’

Kathryn D’Elia’s books are available through online book store Book Depository, with free delivery. Tas-Whacked costs $18.31 and The Way She Came to Be is $20.99.

Both books are $3.99 as eBooks on Amazon.

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