With big runs on the board

November 07, 2017

Shepparton optometrist Graham Hill is taking his leave from the Shepparton Villages board.

No-one knows more how challenging and how quickly the aged care industry can change than Shepparton Villages board member Graham Hill.

As a past board president and who has held almost every office on the board in his time, Mr Hill is immensely proud of Shepparton Villages. He retires this year.

‘‘I would love to keep going, I really don’t want to leave, but I think it is a good thing to have a sunset on the time served and my time is up, regretfully,’’ he said.

Reflecting on the board’s biggest achievements in 15 years, Mr Hill said the board had met every challenge head on.

‘‘There have been so many of them and (the board) hasn’t hidden, it hasn’t backed off, it’s come to the fore and looked ahead,’’ he said.

‘‘That’s the really exciting part about it. The board has planned for the future and whilst we are very much aware of the difficulties involved in aged care, the board has prepped itself for the changing world.’’

Mr Hill marked increasing rates of dementia, high care needs, reduced government funding and the push for self-funded care as huge changes for the community to come to terms with.

‘‘Twenty years ago, people expected to have aged care provided for them, but now it’s about providing the services that meet the user-pay system,’’ he said.

‘‘Expectations of the public have changed, its a real consumer-driven industry now, and it will become more challenging as younger generations come through.’’

Mr Hill has been involved with a number of boards and committees, but he is most animated about the Shepparton Villages board.

Having had a hand in the finance, quality and care, project, fundraising and various other committees, he is well qualified to judge the success and the gumption of Shepparton Villages.

He is full of praise for the teamwork from the board, through to the chief executive, executive and staff.

‘‘There is none of this working against each other. When there is the very rare occasion of an issue emerging, it gets quickly resolved,’’ Mr Hill said.

‘‘To see what we are doing as part of the overall health culture, with health and education is fantastic, it needs to keep moving forward all the time and we are up for that challenge, over and over.’’

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