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November 07, 2017

Cardiac rehab patient Brian Phillips.


Brian Phillips was sitting on his lounge sofa watching the television when he had a heart attack.

Sharp pains started to emanate from his chest, before the hot flushes started and he brought up empty bile.

It was June and the Shepparton man did not really know what caused it, due to a lack of family history.

‘‘It was nothing severe and I wouldn’t have even worried about it, but then I began to feel really weird so I rang 000,’’ Mr Phillips said.

‘‘I thought I’d die of lung cancer, not have any heart issues, it’s not in my family at all.’’

When the paramedics arrived, the situation soon escalated and the 71-year-old was flown to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where he had two stents put in.

Four months later, Mr Phillips is now in recovery mode, and was told the attack was due to the high cholesterol in his body.

Despite enjoying his alcohol and cigarettes, Mr Phillips mostly ate well and exercised lightly on a daily basis.

While the health scare has not impacted him as much as he believes it has others, directly following the stent procedure was a painful experience.

He is now getting his health in top notch, through Goulburn Valley Health’s cardiac recovery program, and had stopped eating bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Mr Phillips said the only regret he had had was not listening to his doctor, who had previously warned his cholesterol levels were too high.

He said the heart attack was the last thing he expected, after a relatively ill health-free life.

‘‘I thought I was doing everything right, but it didn’t work out that way. You’ve still got to be careful,’’ Mr Phillips said.

‘‘Anyway, I found out the hard way, there’s not much I could’ve done, because I think the damage was done years ago.

‘‘The hardening of the arteries and that, it was just a matter of when it was going to happen.’’

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