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November 06, 2017

An Earthenware Charger (circa 1948-58) by Arthur Merric Boyd and Neil Douglas depicting a lyrebird from the SAM collection which has inspired the new exhibition.

Yuki Kihara, Culture for Sale, 2014.

Synthetic Pollenizer by Michael Candy - 2017.

Shepparton Art Museum’s summer exhibition, Cover Versions: Mimicry and Resistance curated by Anna Briers is set to open on Friday, November 10.

Featuring the works of 13 artists and collectives, the exhibition explores ideas around mimicry, impersonation and cover versions in the digital age.

Ms Briers said the exhibition features two specially commissioned works: Michael Candy’s Synthetic Pollenizer and a new iteration of Super Critical Mass Moving Collected Ambiance.

In September, Brisbane-based Candy came to Shepparton to test Synthetic Pollenizer, a robotic flower that has been developed in collaboration with a resource ecologist.

The prototype device was tested in Tallis Wine’s field of canola in Dookie.

Versions of the flower will be in the gallery space, while another activated robotic flower will be streamed into the gallery from a rooftop in Melbourne.

Returning before the exhibition from his first community visit in August, New York/Sydney-based artist Julian Day will rehearse with an informal choir which has been recruited from across Shepparton.

Ms Briers said on the opening night, the artists and the choir will sing to works in the SAM Collection, and to the gallery’s architecture, their voices resonating through the space.

‘‘This is an experience not to be missed,’’ Ms Briers said.

She said the exhibition was inspired by an Arthur Merric Boyd and Neil Douglas earthenware platter that depicts a lyrebird — a creature that can mimic multiple sounds and voices, which is held in the SAM Collection.

Ms Briers said the exhibition would examine the ways in which artists have used mimicry as a means of resistance, as a comment on contemporary culture, or as a means to subvert perceptions around gender, sexuality and ethnicity.

Cover Versions: Mimicry and Resistance opens at SAM on Friday, November 10, from 6pm to 8pm.

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