More thunderstorm activity, but falls patchy

October 30, 2017

The past week has seen more thunderstorm activity in our region however, rainfalls were very patchy.

Hay recorded 22 mms in a severe storm with large hail last Wednesday afternoon. There were isolated thunderstorms in NE Victoria during the afternoon of Thursday 26th October, the individual storm cells moved from the SSW direction which was unusual.

A low pressure trough with a cold front approached our region late on the Friday then passed over on Saturday morning with a thundershower and wind change to SW.

However, this system began returning westwards a few hours later with an increase in humidity and temperature as North winds set in again.

More thunderstorms formed on the Saturday afternoon. There were magnificent cloud formations, Cumulonimbus clouds with cirriform anvil tops.

A particularly violent thunderstorm hit the Benalla and Warrenbayne area at just after midnight early Sunday morning and moved later over Falls Creek with 34 mms rainfall, resulting in the wettest October there since 2001.

Hot conditions are at present affecting the Kimberley region and around Daly Waters with temperatures reaching 43 last weekend.

This excessive heat not expected to gradually advance into our region, mainly due the the approaching active low pressure trough bringing a lengthy burst of below normal temperatures and some showery periods.

It will be a cool start to November.

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