Internet headache

October 10, 2017

Shepparton Optical Services owner Alan Schmedje has nothing but headaches.

It promised faster speeds but for Alan Schmedje the National Broadband Network has only been a headache.

He had no choice but to switch to the new network two years ago at the start of NBN’s rollout in Shepparton.

His business, Shepparton Optical Services on High St, had been connected to the internet through ADSL, which ran through the old copper network.

He found the service perfectly adequate for his business, but was told the old service would be switched off when the NBN was installed.

‘‘My belief it was supposed to be at no costs, but we needed a whole new phone system but because Telstra had no idea if it would work or not,’’ Mr Schmedje said.

‘‘That was a few grand down the tube.’’

The problems continued when it came to install the new network connection at his business.

He said installers came in six times to search for the old phone lines to complete the install.

‘‘I kept pointing out that they were their phones lines, not mine,’’ he said.

‘‘After we got connected up, line 1, which is our main phone number, kept dropping out.’’

The faulty phone line continued for six months as he spent countless hours calling Telstra and NBN co to try and have the problem fixed.

He does not know how much business he might have lost, but thought it could have been in the thousands.

‘‘It is not a good look for any business if the phone line is down.’’

‘‘NBN was saying it was the phone system, Telstra was saying it was the NBN,’’ he said.

The problems appear to be fixed now, but the process has left him frustrated at what was supposed to be a giant infrastructure upgrade for the country.

He puts much of the blame on the lack of accountability between the service providers and the NBN co.

‘‘When it comes to problems they just handball back and forwards,’’ he said.

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