Girls keeping boys on toes

October 09, 2017

Taking the men on together: Tamika Langman, Stacey Lothian and Leah Manson played together for the first time in Saturday's E-grade clash between Pine Lodge and Toolamba.

Stacey Lothian hopes more women can begin to follow in her footsteps.

The avid cricketer, who has been playing the game since she was 12, lined up for Toolamba’s Whitelock Shield E-grade side on Saturday with two good friends beside her.

Tamika Langman and Leah Manson also took on the men with Lothian, the first time the trio have played alongside each other in a senior team.

‘‘There’s no women’s cricket league in the area, so we have to play with the blokes, but we have fun doing it,’’ Lothian said.

‘‘I think there’s a couple of women at Shepparton United in the seniors, but otherwise we’re about it.’’

Toolamba fell to Pine Lodge in the season-opening clash, but the trio certainly enjoyed the game and hope more women can put their hand up to play the sport.

‘‘We’re hoping that more girls come out and join us,’’ Lothian said.

‘‘We’re always looking for more players, whether they’re girls or blokes, and we’re a real development team in E-grade.’’

With momentum growing for a standalone women’s team in the region, Lothian would be all for it.

‘‘The association is really pushing to get a women’s comp up and running, as well as looking to get an open age team in E-grade to play against the men next year,’’ she said.

‘‘It will be a good stepping stone for these junior girls to play in an open age side.’’

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