Lining up over NBN

October 06, 2017

Geoff Allemand is just one of the many Shepp residents that do not believe the NBN delivers what was promised.

Shepparton is connected to what was promised to be the revolutionary network that would change the way we communicate, but not everyone is happy.

The National Broadband Network has been connected across all of Shepparton for more than 12 months, as part of a nationwide rollout to improve Australia’s internet connectivity.

Customers have been promised faster speeds, more reliable connections and a better overall product compared to what they got on old copper connections.

We asked readers of The News on Facebook about their NBN experiences, and most of the comments were not positive.

Unreliable connections, slow speeds and constant technical problems were just a few of the problems listed.

‘‘Absolute rubbish. At times more often than not, I am getting speeds hardly better than dial up,’’ complained one reader.

‘‘I wouldn’t recommend NBN, it’s ridiculous, the speed is slow and cuts out, then it takes a while to pick up again.’’

Many readers complained that speeds slowed down in the afternoon from about 4pm onwards, and others said that they got better speeds on their phone.

Historian Geoff Allemand uses the NBN to upload a large amount of video and hi-res photo files, which take a lot of data to move.

‘‘It seems to be fairly common that the you don’t get anything close to the advertised speed,’’ Mr Allemand said.

‘‘I feel that all the way along it’s been false advertising.’’

We will be taking a close look at people’s experiences with the NBN in coming weeks in The News, and we want to hear from you.

How do you rate the service? Is it good? Is it a waste of money? Is it unreliable? Let us know on [email protected]

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