‘Beagliness’ proves a winner

October 05, 2017

Debbie Kruz's dogs' awards.

Debbie Kruz's 'beagly' beagle family at the Royal Melbourne Show last week.

Enjoying a well-earned rest after success in the show ring.

A family of beagles from Cobram were awarded for their ‘beagliness’ at the Royal Melbourne Show last Wednesday.

Colby the beagle and his four sons and daughters teamed up to win four first place blue ribbons and one runner-up ribbon at the conformation dog showing, where they were judged on how closely they fit the beagle breed standard.

To stand out as a particularly ‘beagly’ beagle the dogs must have a white tipped tail, four white paws and a black, brown and white coat.

Colby’s owner and self-described ‘matriarch’ of the Colby family, Debbie Kruz, said the dogs enjoyed the show and the attention they received.

‘‘The dogs spent all day being patted, which they love,’’ she said.

‘‘Beagles are very friendly and like people. The seven-month-old loved it especially.’’

Seven-month-old daughter Bayzurk Chipov Dauld Bloc (known as Chipps) won a blue ribbon and the minor puppy of the show award.

It was the young pup’s first Royal Melbourne Show but would not be her last, according to Ms Kruz.

‘‘For her first show she handled it very well. She was shown running in the arena with her lead attached and then she was put on a table and examined by the judges, which she didn’t mind.’’

Ms Kruz was a breeder for 30 years and said she had developed a fond spot for beagles.

‘‘They’re very friendly, very family orientated, very happy little dogs,’’ she said.

None of the beagles won best dog in show, but it was still a success in Ms Kruz’s book.

‘‘My beagles Colby and Chipps did not progress past the early stages but they still took home blue first place ribbons in their age classes and the prestige of showing at the Royal Melbourne Show,’’ she said.

‘‘A successful and exhausting day was had by all.’’

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