What to do until cricket?

October 05, 2017

Once the football and netball seasons are run and won, it is hard to replace the adrenaline that comes from September.

The beauty of the Goulburn Valley League grand final day now falling before the AFL decider is that once the fun and games of Mad Monday are over, there is still something to look forward to.

Anticipating Richmond’s first grand final appearance in 1982 kept enthusiasm high.

But then the empty feeling came as Mike Brady took to the stage to sing Up there Cazaly.

The song only gets one run a year on AFL grand final day and that always signifies to me that another season has come to an end.

Then starts the lull period between football and the beginning of cricket.

As the local leagues came to a conclusion, many people involved were running on a lack of sleep, particularly over the final weekend.

With 27 footy and netball grand finals across the Murray, Kyabram District and Goulburn Valley leagues, adrenalin kept everyone from succumbing to exhaustion.

But once the season ended, relaxation can only be enjoyed for so long.

Waking up and not thinking about how Shepparton could defeat Kyabram or Shepparton United’s line-up in the A-grade netball grand final was a welcome change initially.

But after a well-earned beverage and sleep in, you realise that what kept you going for so long is over.

The banter in the office putting together the team of the year was followed by dissecting the abundance of grand finals last Monday, but then there was nothing left to debate.

The tedious wait for the cricket season continues with excitement starting to build for the return of most of the cricket and tennis seasons this week.

But there remains a lull on what to do with so much spare time, so I’ve even turned to watching Breaking Bad.

After being told it is addictive, I saved it until the summer as there was no time in September to commit to a show.

Books are also getting dusted off the shelf, as the aura of summer continues to be in the air now that daylight saving has started.

It is the smell of mowed grass and chlorine added into pools that reminds me of long days spent watching Test cricket.

But the feeling of loss that comes after the football season just shows the impact that six months has.

Even though most go through a period struggling to find motivation during the season when the top six is set, the finals always brings out a new lease of life.

Enjoying a bit of a breather probably is not a bad thing, considering there is no such thing as an off-season any more in AFL.

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