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October 03, 2017

American foodies Andrew Ilnyckyi and Steven Lim visited Nagambie's Tahbilk Winery, Fowles in Avenel and All Saints at Wahgunyah to sample the goods.

The affordable, but highly regarded wine of Tahbilk Winery has been given global exposure in a viral Buzzfeed video.

The video, which is part of the Worth It series, gives American foodies Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyi a crash course in various indulgences from food, alcohol, cars, hotels and everything in between.

The team tries a cheap, mid-price and expensive version of each indulgence to try and find out if extra cash really does mean extra quality.

The Worth It boys were in Australia recently and went to visit the Victorian wine region to see and taste what is on offer.

Nagambie’s Tahbilk Winery was the first visit, as the team tried the cheapest of the three to see what can be bought locally on a budget.

Tahbilk wine club manager Bruce Minchinton said the 2016 and 2010 Marsanne white wines, which costs $18 in the United States and about $14 here was a good drop to showcase what the region has to offer.

‘‘It is our flagship variety,’’ Mr Minchinton said.

‘‘They were quite excited by it, particularly having a white wine that is quite different and engaging.’’

The variety is a big earner for Tahbilk, each year producing about 30000 cases for local and international wine lovers.

For wine connoisseurs, the marsanne from Tahbilk is well known because the winery has the oldest vines of that variety in the world.

This was due to the Great French Wine Blight in the 19th century which destroyed many old vineyards in Europe and North America.

‘‘We got it somewhat, but we weren’t as badly hit,’’ he said.

‘‘As a grape vine gets older the fruit flavours concentrate and the older grapes have a more dense flavour.’’

The wine could be sold at a relatively affordable price point because it was produced in large volumes.

After Tahbilk, the Buzzfeed team checked out a mid-price wine at Fowles in Avenel and an expensive wine at All Saints Estate at Wahgunyah.

The video has already been viewed more than three million times on YouTube, something Mr Minchinton saw as a positive for the local wine industry.

‘‘We are more well known to the baby boomer generation so we jumped at this opportunity because it is probably a younger demographic that is going to see it,’’ he said.

Tahbilk already sells its wines to the US, where Buzzfeed is based, and its marsanne can be bought at bottle shops and restaurants in most of the 50 states.

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