‘Two’ comes home

September 16, 2017

On the job: Gerard 'Whipa' Dwyer's dog 'Two' came back trained like a trial dog, so has continued to be used for what he was bred for.

Dynamic duo: Murchison's Gerard 'Whip' Dwyer was reunited with his kelpie dog 'two' last month, after it went missing more than two years ago.

Dynamic duo: Murchison's Gerard 'Whip' Dwyer was reunited with his kelpie dog 'two' last month, after it went missing more than two years ago.

Kelpie dog Two will not need a walk for a while.

The missing Murchison pooch was found wandering the roadside nearly a thousand kilometres away after she was stolen more than two years ago.

In May 2015, Gerard ‘Whip’ Dwyer had two dogs stolen from the back of his property, waking up one Sunday to find them gone.

‘‘One gate on the kennels was left open and the other was smashed off its hinges,’’ he said.

Initially thinking it may have been a result of his mates playing a prank on him, Mr Dwyer quickly realised it was no prank.

The kelpie mother and daughter, Dusty and Two, were gone.

But last month Mr Dwyer got a call from the Coonamble Shire, just south of the Queensland border, asking about a lost dog.

‘‘They scanned her (microchip) and she came up stolen ... I was just dumb founded, I thought you’ve got to be kidding me,’’ he said.

A passerby had found Two walking on the side of the road, 160km north of Dubbo, NSW.

‘‘Someone picked her up on the side of the road in Coonamble and took her to the shire,’’ Mr Dwyer said.

‘‘She was just walking along the side of the road ... they couldn’t believe it either.’’

Mr Dwyer never thought he would ever see the dogs again and had given up all hope.

‘‘It’s a long way up Coonamble, middle of nowhere ... last month they brought her down on a dog courier,’’ he said.

Two was just 10 months old when she was taken, but came back as a fully-trained working dog.

‘‘Whoever had her has been working her like a trial dog, she’s got her left and rights whereas most farmers say go back ... this little dog you wouldn’t buy for less than $2000,’’ he said.

Mr Dwyer said whoever stole the dogs from his property must have known where to go because his property was hidden up a back lane, off the main road.

‘‘It put me so far back, I ended up having to go to Jerilderie and buy a couple of dogs, one was $3000 the other was $2000,’’ he said.

‘‘When two came back she didn’t know me, but her mum Dusty would, she would definitely know me.’’

Not long after Mr Dwyer’s dogs were stolen three dogs were taken in Seymour and he has learnt his lesson.

‘‘I got cameras installed at home the week after they were stolen,’’ he said.

Murchison police Leading Senior Constable Ricky Keast as following up a number of avenue of inquiry into the second dog, Dusty, who is yet to be found.

‘‘I’m seeking any type of connection between the Coonamble area and Murchison ... hopefully people can help get the message out on social media,’’ he said.

The investigation is continuing and anyone with any information is urged to phone Murchison police on 58262222 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.

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