A swashbuckling musical

September 15, 2017

Swashbuckling pirate Sienna Winbanks performs on stage during Shepparton Christian College’s quirky musical production of Ink yesterday.

Janis Jo, Aneesha Sehkar, Michaela Moore, Maddy King dance.

Jackson Evans, Aidan Ross and Deron Vinod join in song.

Kate Pearse plays the pirate queen.

Richard Pouvi (sinker), Lecas Fenby, (Grubby), Kielan Caiafa, (sinker) act.

Sascha Louise and James Noller play old men on the shore.

Victoria Richardson, Sophia Cullen, Lily Jamieson and Hadassah Scanlan.

Lead heroine Jessica Fenby (Kimberella) with Audrey Finster (Squee) on a quest.

She-pirates Marlene Du Plessis and Shayla Johnson on stage.

She-pirates Marlene Du Plessis and Shayla Johnson on stage.

Shepparton Christian College students were bouncing with energy during their performance of their major musical production Ink yesterday.

More than 100 students from primary and secondary age groups appeared on stage while others helped out behind the scenes or played live music for the show.

The quirky musical is about a young girl’s quest to find the words to define the last squid in the ocean.

The show sees the protagonist go on an adventure away from her native Inkport, encountering swashbuckling sea-shanty-singing she-pirates, the masculine male models of the seas — the mermen — and sea creatures.

‘‘The students love to be on stage and their enthusiasm is great,’’ co-director Cyndilee Watson said.

‘‘They’ve given up their time during lunches to rehearse for the show and are really invested in it.

‘‘Ink is a new musical about the power of words.’’

The play was created by 3D Arts Company and the students have been rehearsing under the direction of Ms Watson and Daniel Lim since June.

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