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September 14, 2017

New coach services to connect Shepparton and Melbourne could improve the viability of commuting each way for work.

Suzanna Sheed hopes forthcoming bus services connecting Seymour and Shepparton can improve the chances of Sheppartonians returning from Saturday night events in Melbourne at a reasonable hour.

Other services she hopes would ensure commuting to and from the city for a nine-to-five workday was possible.

The State Member for Shepparton has supported new coach services funded in this year’s state budget helping to connect Shepparton and Melbourne at times to improve the viability of commuting each way for work.

It remained her hope that arriving in Shepparton before 9am on a weekday was possible, and supported a service returning shortly after 5pm.

The state MP also suggested a service be established between the 4.31pm and 7.08pm services from Melbourne and the late night Saturday service to Shepparton departing Melbourne at around 11pm.

‘‘People have raised to me how good the 4.30pm (service is) but that we need one between that and 7pm,’’ she said.

‘‘If you finish work at 5pm, 5.30pm, you don’t necessarily want to wait to 10 past seven.’’

‘‘There are Seymour trains, it’s just trying to get the right connections made now,’’ she said.

Included in the $43million for the Shepparton line allocated in the May Victorian budget was funding for additional bus services to ensure Shepparton could connect up with Melbourne to Seymour services.

While essential works also funded in the the budget are being delivered, ‘‘the Labor Government will add a new return evening coach service that will connect with trains at Seymour,’’ a release read at the time of the budget.

‘‘The new coaches will start early next year, with timetabling to be determined through community consultation in coming months,’’ it continued.

Ms Sheed said some discussions about a late Saturday service had been under way and there were options to link up with later Seymour trains.

‘‘If we’re going to have one, we would have to go out and see what the public want,’’ she said.

The state MP said while the essential works to provide for more and better train services were under way, creating ‘‘some connection in the interim’’ would ‘‘establish a pattern of usage’’.

‘‘The other one I want to see happen is a service arriving in Shepparton before 9am on weekdays,’’ she said, but conceded there may be scheduling concerns.

‘‘But also a service departing after weekdays in afternoons.

‘‘That would be terrific for many people who come up for the week,’’ she said.

Feedback received had indicated there was a desire for services accommodating a nine-to-five workday.

Ms Sheed said she had been in discussions with government representatives and urged for community consultation to take place to help identify the most ideal times.

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