Australia Post prices to go up

September 08, 2017

Australia Post has announced price increases.

Australia Post customers will again shoulder price increases, despite reports of rising profits.

Prices for domestic parcels, prepaid express post envelopes and satchels, some international letters, as well as mail-redirection and holds will rise.

The announcement comes after the national carrier unveiled a profit of $95 million, and handed its outgoing CEO $10.7 million.

From October 2 this year, Australia Post will change the price of some products by an average of 2.8percent or up to 35cents extra.

Express Post envelopes — the only way to ensure a letter will be delivered the next day — will rise from $6.10 to $6.40, while a single 500g Express Post satchel are set to rise from $10.85 to $11.35.

General mail direction for three months will rise from $46.35 to $53.10, while two-week mail lifts will go up from $30.85 to $35.30.

Deniliquin resident Andrew Howley said while the price of stamps had recently increased from 70 cents to $1, the delivery time of letters had been extended by three days.

Mr Howley said he had contacted Australia Post and found the mail was sorted in Canberra and was told that another 50 cents would mean that mail would be sorted in Deniliquin and save days on delivery time.

‘‘I have made inquiries at the local post office and was told the sorting for local mail was within the capabilities of the staff,’’ Mr Howley said.

‘‘There’s still a large number of people who find the need to send paper mail, and this reduction in service is disappointing, particularly at a time when Australia Post made the news for having a boss whose salary was several times higher than the Prime Minister’s.’’

But a spokeswoman from Shepparton JMAR Engineering, which relies on the service weekly, said it wouldn’t impact the company’s dealings with the carrier.

The spokeswoman said sending products across Australia could cost up to $40 for one parcel and said they hadn’t had any issue with the service so far.

‘‘We do send parcels through the mail to our customers, so that will probably have to be reviewed,’’ the spokeswoman said.

‘‘We will just do what we do and it’s probably just a price that we will pass on to our customers. We get price rises from our suppliers all of the time, and the Australia Post price rise seems minimal, compared to other things.’’

Australia Post has defended the price hikes, and a spokesperson from the government-run organisation said they were needed to meet rising costs in delivery.

The spokesperson said it was the first price increase in more than 12 months, and added the changes would ensure the corporation continued to invest in the delivery network.

The spokesperson said delays in postage were rare and delivery time depended upon which service was used, and that some services, including parcel post and priority and regular letters, could take up to six days.

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