Change in heritage

August 08, 2017

Afghan dancers at Shepparton harmony day in March. Census data shows more than 700 people of Afghan heritage live in Greater Shepparton, an increase of 250 since the 2011 census.

Shepparton has become more English, Irish and Scottish in the past five years, according to census data.

The city’s most common ancestry groups remain Australian heritage (35 per cent), English (35 per cent), Irish (11 per cent) and Scottish (9.5 per cent).

Updated analysis of data from .id economics for Greater Shepparton City Council reported 2000 more people of English, Irish or Scottish heritage in the region since 2011.

The data found Greater Shepparton was now home to almost 5000 people with Italian ancestry (7.7 per cent), more than 2000 with German heritage (3 per cent) and 1000 each of Dutch and Indian origin (almost 2 per cent each).

According to the data, about 700 people of Afghan heritage now live in Greater Shepparton, an increase of 250 since the 2011 census.

This constitutes 1 per cent of the city’s population, compared with 0.3 per cent of Victoria’s population made up by those of Afghan ancestry.

Six hundred people originally from Iraq now live in the city, a 141 person increase since 2011.

Three and a half per cent of Greater Shepparton is Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, about the same proportion as in 2011.

The city has also seen a jump in about 200 people of Filipino origin since 2011, almost 400 of Indian ancestry and an increase of almost 300 people with Chinese heritage.

While last year’s census only saw a small increase in those identifying as Albanian, the Greater Shepparton Albanian community makes up more than 1 per cent of the city’s population.

Comparatively, those identifying as Albanian make up 0.2 per cent of Victoria’s population.

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