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August 05, 2017

Census data has shown growth in Greater Shepparton's population since 2011.

Revised resident population data from last year’s census has Greater Shepparton’s population a whisker over 65000.

This marks growth on the city’s 2011 population, which was almost 62000.

While the number of households has increased by more than 1600 since 2011, the size of households in Greater Shepparton appears to have decreased slightly, from about 2.55 people a home to about 2.5.

The ABS census data compiled by .id economics for Greater Shepparton City Council found the median age in Greater Shepparton was 39, up from 38; higher than Victoria’s median age of 37.

There were 1484 persons over the age of 85 living in the City of Greater Shepparton in 2016, with largest age group being 5 to 9 years, .id found.

Greater Shepparton’s population was found to have a higher proportion of people up to 20 than Victoria: 26.7 per cent in Greater Shepparton, compared with 24.3 per cent across Victoria.

The city was similarly found to have a higher percentage of people 50 and older than the proportion of Victoria’s population.

But those aged 20 to 50 made up 36.8 per cent of Greater Shepparton’s population, compared with the same group making up about 42 per cent of Victoria’s population.

Greater Shepparton’s proportion of people aged 20 to 50 was lower than the state.

The City of Greater Shepparton had a higher proportion of pre-schoolers and a lower proportion of persons at post retirement age than regional Victoria in 2016, .id found.

‘‘The age structure of the City of Greater Shepparton provides key insights into the level of demand for age based services and facilities such as childcare,’’ the group said in the findings.

Overall, 24.1 per cent of Greater Shepparton’s population was aged between 0 and 17. Meanwhile, 23.4 per cent were aged 60 and over, compared with 21.9 per cent and 27.3 per cent for regional Victoria.

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