Hey, girls can time travel too

July 18, 2017

Jodie Whittaker has been named as Doctor Who's 13th Time Lord and the first woman to be given the role. Picture: EPA/Andrew Cowie

Monday morning began the way any other would.

I hit the snooze on my alarm too many times, pulled the covers over my head and sank painfully into the comfort of my electric blanket as the cold house shouted at me to wake up.

After I got ready, I sat down and drank my morning tea, but as I scrolled aimlessly through the morning news, one story warned me that something was seriously wrong.

It was the shouting from outside that drew me away from my phone screen, and as I looked out the window I was greeted by a sight one can only describe as apocalyptic.

Masked men ran through the streets brandishing molotov cocktails smeared in blood, every car was on fire and a dog turned slowly on a spit.

The BBC had just announced that, after 50 years of air-time, the new Doctor Who will no longer be a man, instead replaced by English actress Jodie Whittaker.

In case you had not realised, the scene a paragraph ago did not happen, but it may as well have, considering the response from the brigade of keyboard warriors.

‘‘Rest in Peace, Doctor Who,’’ read the first comment. ‘‘Political correctness gets in the way again.’’

‘‘Sorry nope, I’m not sexist but...’’

‘‘She better show her ****.’’

We saw it happen with Star Wars and with Ghostbusters and while the world did not fall apart, it did produce an avalanche of hate and sexism, particularly directed at the actresses involved.

Personally, Dr Who never took my fancy.

I have watched a total of three episodes and I never really jumped on board, but maybe I will now I can relate to the main character, just as I eventually did with Star Wars and Ghostbusters.

I read that it was initially intended for Dr Who to eventually be played by a woman, and it’s not only great from a representation point of view, but after a lifetime played by a white man, it seems logical that a shape-shifting alien would change genders.

All I have to say is Ms Whittaker will take over as the character next year, and all of the sooks out there better get used to it.

We need young girls to believe they can travel through space and time too.

Rhiannon Tuffield is a News journalist.

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