Take your trash away with you

July 12, 2017

Disappointed: RiverConnect's Allison Trethowan with a collection of rubbish from Kaieltheban Park in Mooroopna.

Clearing area: RiverConnect's Melinda Weston.

Jean Young collects rubbish on the banks of the Goulburn River.

Within 40 minutes four people managed to collect six large bag fulls of rubbish at Kaieltheban Park in Mooroopna yesterday.

There was no shortage of rubbish and the bags of garbage collected by Greater Shepparton City Council, RiverConnect and Shepparton Mooroopna Urban Landcare Group were overflowing with plastic and glass bottles, sandwich containers and cigarette butts.

But this did not surprise Landcare group member Gerry Goonan, one of the people out picking up garbage.

‘‘Littering along the Goulburn is just a constant problem,’’ he said.

In the case of Kaielthban Park, Mr Goonan believes many people use it as a lunch area and are neglecting to take their rubbish with them.

He said one of the constant problems was plastic straws and cigarette butts and, in less than an hour, the group had collected 50 to 60 cigarette butts.

Together, council, RiverConnect and the Landcare group held a Nurture Nature, a community clean-up for Kaielthban Park, from 10am to noon, but in the first hour no community members had arrived to help.

Greater Shepparton City Council waste education officer Jean Young said the supply of rubbish in the area seemed endless. ‘‘You think you’ve picked it up, but then there’s more and more — it just keeps coming,’’ she said.

‘‘A lot of it is recyclable items like glass, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and some of those items can be recycled over and over again so it’s pretty disappointing when people leave them out in our environment and they take a really long time to break down as well.

‘‘If you’re going to utilise these beautiful spaces just be willing to take your litter home with you and dispose of it appropriately.’’

Ms Young said the rubbish would be sorted and then taken to the Shepparton Resource Recovery Centre.

‘‘Most of it will end up in landfill and what can be recycled will be,’’ Ms Young said.

Greater Shepparton City Council, RiverConnect and Shepparton Mooroopna Urban Landcare Group are planning to hold more clean-ups with the community in the future.

To keep an eye out on when the clean-up events are being held, people can visit /whats-happening/events

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