Blood and goregalore

April 12, 2017

Nelle Lee is turning back the clock to scare the audience in Dracula.

It is the general rule in the theatre that audiences should be quiet during the performance, but when Dracula hits the stage, Nelle Lee hopes to hear a few screams.

‘‘We love a vocal audience,’’ she said.

‘‘We know we are doing our job when we hear guffs and squeals.’’

The co-artistic director of shake and stir theatre co is currently on the road with her crew in an expansive tour for their adaptation of the famous horror novel.

The production ignores the recent campy interpretations of vampires and takes a close look at what has made Dracula a horror favourite for more than 100 years.

‘‘Bram Stoker did not invent vampires, but he invented Dracula, which defined vampires in the modern world, so he obviously did something right,’’ Ms Lee said.

‘‘When he wrote it, it was quite shocking to have this guy drinking blood and sexualising women in modern-day London.’’

As well as co-writing the script, Ms Lee portrays Mina Harker, whose fiance Jonathan gets trapped in Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

The role requires her to create as much tension as she can on stage to keep up the scare factor in the audience.

Inspired by horror movies, lighting and props have been designed to fit the scary mood, and Ms Lee warns anyone with a fear of blood that it will get gory.

‘‘Bram Stoker was a real master of atmosphere, so we really wanted to put that on stage,’’ she said.

‘‘All the special effects and blood have to be live. I would suggest bringing a friend, as it is pretty scary and there is quite a bit of blood.’’

The Queensland-based theatre company will be on the road with the show until September.

Despite the constant travel, Ms Lee was excited about scaring people all around Australia.

‘‘It is a great way to see the country,’’ she said.

‘‘We are only about a quarter of the way through, so there is still a lot to see.’’

Dracula will be at Riverlinks WestSide in Mooroopna on Friday, April 21, at 7.30pm.

For tickets, phone the box office on 58329511.

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