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January 10, 2017

Yesterday Shepparton's Greg Maskell returned with 'XBOSS', a 1976 Ford Falcon XB coupe, which won the elite category at the Summernats in Canberra.

Shepparton’s Greg Maskell poured eight months of blood, sweat and tears into his steel blue and charcoal grey 1976 Ford Falcon.

‘‘More than 2500 hours were spent polishing the car and I personally spent around 12 hours a day, from February to September in 2015, working on it,’’ he said.

‘‘The lime green pin stripe along the car, which is just 1.5mm thick, took around four days to complete and I bought a magnifying glass helmet to inspect the handiwork.’’

On the weekend his hard work was rewarded with the vehicle, XBOSS, winning the elite category at the 30th annual Summernats in Canberra.

With more than 2500 entrants, Mr Maskell said the win was one of his greatest achievements to date.

‘‘You get points per category and we finished first in nine separate categories which resulted in us winning the overall title,’’ he said.

Summernats, like other car repair, restoration, design and manufacturing shows, was judged on ‘‘perfection’’.

‘‘It’s all about quality and 100 per cent of the car has to be perfect, including things like the engineering, interior, paint, body, engine bay and trim of the car,’’ Mr Maskell said.

But the domination at Summernats was not the self-taught businessman’s most impressive success.

That was his top eight placing at America’s greatest hot rod show, Detroit Autorama, last year.

‘‘It is the most prestigious show car event in the world with last year’s winner spending in excess of $4million on their car,’’ Mr Maskell said.

‘‘To make the great eight was amazing and I am just super privileged to be apart of the great team.’’

The Shepparton Motor Museum will host the car indefinitely while Mr Maskell continues to work on it.

‘‘The owner, Chris, lives in Perth and it costs him in excess of $10000 to transport it to and from Shepparton each time, so it will be here for a little while,’’ he said.

To see the world-class, award winning automobile, visit the Shepparton Motor Museum at 7720 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Shepparton.

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