GVFL loss is $41,173

December 02, 2016

David Roff.

Rochester battled Benalla in this year's preliminary final at Deakin Reserve, with wet weather ensuring fans stayed away. The league confirmed its finals revenue was down by $21,000 this year.

A return to surplus. That is the Goulburn Valley Football League’s goal for next year after announcing a $41173 loss at its annual meeting at AFL Goulburn Murray’s Kialla base on Wednesday night.

Finals series income being down by $21000 and costs for the league’s former headquarters at Dunkirk Ave have been stated as reasons for a third consecutive year-end loss.

The league lost $27962 last year and $9668 in 2014.

‘‘The finals gates, especially preliminary final weekend, the weather was no good and I’m sure the Ovens and Murray (league) was similarly affected,’’ league chairman David Roff said.

‘‘We’re not completely sure of the impact of live streaming against the gate, so we’ve got to do a bit more research there to see how it affects numbers at the ground.

‘‘The league had $12000 in operating costs and depreciation of $21000 for Dunkirk Ave, but that obviously won’t be there next year.

‘‘We’d be budgeting for a small surplus next year.’’

The league confirmed the price of its prized asset at Dunkirk Ave, which was sold off in June, to be $150000.

A 2011 re-evaluation valued the building at $220000, a figure that, taking into depreciation, stood at $206200 in last year’s annual report.

One of Trevor Pollard’s last acts as chairman in November 2014 was to retain the office for at least three years, with the board at the time voting in favour.

Roff said he was unsure if the building was over-valued five years ago, but it had depreciated over time.

‘‘The price compares favourably with the cost base of the property shown in the books of $117868,’’ Roff said.

‘‘It was also in the range of valuations provided by an independent valuer and several real estate agents.

‘‘Clubs were aware of the price and were supportive of the sale price.

‘‘From the proceeds of the sale, an amount of $120000 ($10000 per club) has been put away and invested to provide for allocations to improvements for facilities in line with a grants program.’’

A capital gain on the sale of the Dunkirk Ave building came to $32132 and that was accounted in the league’s overall revenue that totalled $490164, which was down from $504058 last year.

It is a revenue decrease, when not including the capital gain figure, of 9.13 per cent.

The league changed auditors for this year’s financial report and it was provided with a more comprehensive and effective statement.

‘‘This year’s report is more transparent and by next year we’ll be able to have reports where we can easily compare from year-to-year,’’ Roff said.

The league paid $103333 for AFL Goulburn Murray for its administrative services, with that figure to rise again next year.

That will be the final year of the current agreement between the league and AFL Goulburn Murray after the clubs voted to join the regional administrative centre at the end of 2014.

Roff said it still worked out better financially for the clubs to be with AFL Goulburn Murray.

‘‘If you go back two years ago and the comparison report we had done between staying with the previous set-up or joining the RAC, it still works out significantly better,’’ Roff said.

‘‘If we had to pay market rate for a general manager, run our own office and vehicle expenses, so we’re better off financially with AFL GM deal.’’

Former general manager Keith Wellman did not take a full-time salary when he returned to the role in 2008 with the league bankrupt and on the verge of collapse.

It was estimated in the 2009 annual report that the GVFL had already saved more than $100000 since Wellman had taken over.

Wellman was considering retirement before club delegates decided to make the historic switch to join AFL Goulburn Murray.

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