Moira gets a new look

December 02, 2016

Moira Shire has a new, modern logo.

It’s out with the old and in with a brightly-coloured modern logo for Moira Shire Council.

The new logo design was approved by councillors at the November meeting as part of a wider brand refresh project to breathe new life into outdated signage.

Councillors welcomed the new design, which incorporates Moira’s location on the Murray, the shape of Victoria and the colours green, blue and yellow to represent agriculture, waterways and sun.

Cr Peter Mansfield said a lot of consultative work had gone into rebranding Moira.

‘‘I think the new brand will be accepted by all ratepayers and residents of Moira Shire and it will put us on the map, so to speak,’’ he said.

Cr Marie Martin said one of the key issues was the old logo wasn’t geographically specific enough.

‘‘The colour palette is more vibrant and we’ve still kept our reference to water, agriculture and sun,’’ she said.

‘‘With this logo too, sometimes people think ‘oh my goodness, you’re going to change all the letterheads’, but so much stuff is done electronically now that the cost is going to be containable.’’

A council spokesperson told the Cobram Courier the whole rebranding project would cost up to $30000.

‘‘This includes surveys and workshops, development of design proposals and a new corporate style guide, as well as the legal costs associated with licensing and trademark registration,’’ the spokesperson said.

‘‘There will be little if any additional rollout costs because the project is timed to fit in with normal council procurement processes, for example, staff uniform orders, website updates and the regular printing of council stationary.’’

Cr Kevin Bourke said it was a positive step forward.

‘‘Our branding previously was, well if we’re being half honest, we’d say it was pretty second-hand,’’ he said.

‘‘In this day and age we’ve got to put out a perception we’re with it, and not still in the 1970s or ’80s.

‘‘It won’t be the cost blowout it would have been in previous days because it’s all done electronically with cost minimising.

‘‘There will still be some costs undoubtedly, but that will be spread over a period of time as things need replacing.’’

Cr Wendy Buck said the project would also see council replace signage at the shire and town entrances.

‘‘The brand refresh comes on top of the state-of-disgrace of our signage as you come into the shire,’’ she said.

‘‘We’re proud of where we are and with agriculture and the mighty river and tourism, but it’s a disgrace for people who come into the shire to see the signage, the 20-year old signage which is faded and peeling and in desperate need of a refresh.’’

Cr Ed Cox said it was time for a change for the ‘‘severely lacking signage’’.

‘‘We’ve sort of been left well behind other shires ... and it was time for an upgrade,’’ he said.

— Cobram Courier

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