Little legend

December 01, 2016

Shepparton Christian College student Noah Moore.

Shepparton Christian College student Noah Moore, 8, walked into his principal’s office earlier this month and asked how he could help the homeless.

‘‘After seeing a homeless man in the newspaper it made me want to do all I could to help him out,’’ Noah said.

‘‘I spoke with my principal, Mr Aiton, and asked how I could help and we came up with the idea of a food hamper.’’

In the following week, with the help of the entire school, young Noah collected non-perishable foods from his classmates and this week donated the hamper to The Salvation Army.

‘‘I just didn’t want homeless people to have no food and starve,’’ Noah said.

‘‘My parents thought it was a great idea and they were really proud of me.’’

Salvation Army Captain Andrew Stringer said he was blown away by how much of a champion Noah was.

‘‘To think that someone, at his age, would go to so much effort is great and the fact he’s seen a need and looked to fill the need goes to show what type of person he is.

‘‘An act like Noah’s can bring great joy and hope to those less fortunate during the Christmas period, when they might be on their own.’’

Shepparton Christian College principal Chris Aiton said he was very proud of Noah, who showed compassion and a willingness to serve and help others.

‘‘Wanting to help people is really a focus of his and this story exemplifies the fact it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can do something special,’’ Mr Aiton said.

Young Noah’s next idea is to get a full-time job helping those less fortunate.

‘‘I wanted to fly for the Flying Doctors service for a long time — but now I’ve changed my mind to work for The Salvation Army,’’ he said.

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