A case of déjà moo for calf

November 29, 2016

Tatura's Bill Purcell's calf has made a habit of popping its head into a tree hollow.

The calf's mates looked on, perplexed at how silly the beast could be.

It was a case of déjà vu for Tatura’s Bill Purcell when he found a calf’s head lodged into a tree hollow not just once, but twice in two days.

‘‘It really was hilarious,’’ he said.

The Charolais beef calf required rescuing, where Mr Purcell said he had to push its head up in order to remove it.

‘‘It was a v-shaped hole, so we pushed his head up because he was trying to pull straight back,’’ he said.

‘‘He was okay; just a bit sore behind the ears.’’

Mr Purcell said he had bought the calf and several others from a neighbour who reared the cattle by being bucket fed.

‘‘She spoiled him a bit,’’ he said.

‘‘And she reckoned he was the quietest one.’’

Mr Purcell said he had rescued the calf only the day prior and almost could not believe it when he saw it had returned.

‘‘This time I went and grabbed the camera,’’ he said.

‘‘He must have thought there was grass in there.

‘‘He gets into all sorts of trouble ... little rascal.’’

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