City ‘thriving’

November 25, 2016

Futuristic thinkers: Wilmott Rd Student Jasmyn Davis, grade 5, with her home she built as part of class project 'Sparkatron".

City planning can trouble some of the world’s leading experts, but Years 5 and 6 Wilmot Rd Primary School students have bucked this trend in creating new city, ‘‘Sparkatron’’, from scratch with little worry.

‘‘We built our own houses, people, roads, rivers, stop signs, animals, schools and airports from scratch out of cardboard,’’ Willmot Rd Year 5 student Jasmyn Davis said.

As part of school studies combining humanities, maths and literacy, students were put to the task and asked to build simple circuits for electricity and use their creativity to create a classroom-sized mega city.

‘‘We were given a rough plan to follow, but were left to our own devices to think of our city name and plan a city that would work,’’ Jasmyn said.

Willmot Rd Years 5/6 teacher Keisha Demasi said the project followed on from an earlier focus on electrical circuits.

‘‘Teaching kids new things is great, but when we show kids how the things they’ve learnt can impact on the real world, this is even more beneficial,’’ Ms Demasi said.

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